Orbitra is an automated market-maker (AMM) protocol implemented with smart contracts on the Injective blockchain. The protocol enables a decentralized on-chain exchange for various assets involved in the Injective ecosystem.

Different Ways to Engage

  • Roles Available: Choose to be a trader, a liquidity provider, or take on both roles in Orbitra.

For Traders

  • Trading on Orbitra: Exchange your tokens for others, with rates governed by the respective liquidity pool's asset balance.

For Liquidity Providers

  • Boosting Pool Liquidity: Add an equal value of two different tokens to an Orbitra pair, enhancing the pool's liquidity without affecting its price.

  • Benefits for Providers: Receive LP tokens as a reward for adding liquidity, which represent a share in the pool and accrue trading fees from ongoing swaps.

  • Exiting the Pool: Withdraw your stake by burning LP tokens, thereby claiming your portion of the pool.

For Project Participants

  • Token Vesting: Building Trust and Stability: Orbitra's token vesting showcases our commitment to long-term success and mutual trust. A controlled release aligns the team's and investors' interests, ensuring market stability.

  • Safeguarding Market Integrity: Our vesting strategy is key to maintaining Orbitra's market integrity, preventing market disruptions from a sudden influx of tokens and protecting investor value.

  • Cultivating Long-Term Relationships: The vesting policy signals our dedication to long-term growth and innovation. It builds trust with the community, ensuring commitment beyond short-term gains.

  • Compliance and Confidence: Our vesting approach aligns with regulatory compliance, bolstering investor confidence and ensuring Orbitra's longevity in the dynamic digital asset landscape.

  • Empowering Community Engagement: Token vesting in Orbitra secures long-term project success, fostering active community participation and a thriving, engaged ecosystem.

Navigating the Orbitra Exchange

  • Accessing the Platform: Use the Orbitra Exchange web interface for trading Orbitra native token and CW20 tokens.

  • Requirement of a Wallet: A digital wallet is necessary for all Orbitra interactions.

  • Executing Transactions: Ensure your wallet is loaded with the required tokens and fees. Transactions need to be authenticated with your password for confirmation.

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